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Space Room

Reflective mirrored dodecahedron, simulating a kaleidoscopic universe, when you step in the middle.

Jake Olson
Concept Test 02a.jpg


Interactive surround sound radio themed room.  Static interacts with triggered 16 channel samples and moving motorized shelves and art nouveau flourishes, to create facial expressions and "talk" to the audience.  Static will also play remixed surround music from different music artists.

Jeremy Christopher
80s CRO Concert.jpg

80's Orchestral Pop Song

Jeremy created a recent arrangement for Castle Rock Orchestra's 80's concert, performed on October 21st.  Jeremy also composes for film and produces music for himself and other artists.

Jeremy Christopher

Interactive Infinity Mirrors

Jeremy created a set of infinity mirrors, after being inspired by going to Meow Wolf and hanging at burner events.  The idea inspired the formation of Lightwave Interactive.

Jeremy Christopher

Artistic Pieces

Pieces completed using recycled materials.

Jake Olson

Room Design

Knowledge of room design, structure and installation.  Including lighting, hidden rooms and use of 90% renewable materials.

Jake Olson

Musical Card Game

After teaching at Denver School of Music, personal lessons and Teaching at Aurora School of Rock, Jeremy noticed a need for educational games.  Motif (was called Kordz) teaches music theory in different card games that are based on other familiar card games. Part of the gamify music series.

Jeremy Christopher

Piano Rebuild

A fully rebuilt 100 year old piano.  Every piece was 100% rebuilt.

Jake Olson

Automotive Art and Design

A collective work of different automotive designs, including motorcycle builds, complete car rebuilds, wheel design and automotive themed spaces.

Jake Olson

Sound Design and Engineering

As a musician since he was four years old, Jeremy learned sound engineering and producing all through middle school, high school and college.  Jeremy has gone to produce his own music, as well as over 30 other local and national artists, working with Sonship Studios, Coupe Studios and others.  Jeremy is now interested in surround sound spaces, using created speakers and interactive triggered samples.

Jeremy Cummings

Film Scoring and Composing

Jeremy worked with Asgard Entertainment for 5 years, where he recorded and composed music for feature films, commercials and shorts.  Jeremy has also recorded and produced several artists, local and national.

Jeremy Cummings
Heart in the Stars.jpg

Woodworking and Crafting

After scoring movies at a local film studio, Jeremy became interested in casting and woodworking.  Along with painting, Jeremy wanted to create physical art, that wasn't recorded or had to be viewed as electronic media.

Jeremy Cummings
Suite 250.png

CG and Game Design

Jeremy has always been interested in CG and got a bigger taste of it when working at Asgard Entertainment.  Ever since, Jeremy has dabbled in CG and game design.

Jeremy Cummings

Media Production and Marketing

Along with working in real estate marketing for over 18 years, Jeremy went to college for video and film.  Jeremy has always had the film production bug and has created marketing and media for many different companies and artists, including a 7 disc series for The Pamela Hill Institute.

Jeremy Cummings